am2013030_Paulaur-6We offer a complete line of high quality, competitively priced toppings for desserts and other food including: nonpareils, sprinkles, colored sugars, candy-coated chocolate, confectionery shapes and shape mixes in a variety of colors, combinations and seasonal variations. The products are used as a decorative topping to add eye appeal, texture and taste to baked goods, ice cream and confectionery products.

Sprinkles are solid soft, extruded rods in a variety of vibrant colors with a sweet, clean taste. Sprinkles are available in chocolate, rainbow 8 mix, standard colors and seasonal mixes. Download the Paulaur’s Sprinkles product sheet. (PDF)

Nonpareils are hard, round, edible spheres with a sweet, clean taste. Nonpareils are available in a complete range of standard colors and festive blends. Download the Paulaur’s Nonpareils product sheet. (PDF)

Colored Sugars are 100% pure cane sugar crystals colored and polished in an array of vibrant colors. Colored sugars are available in a complete range of colors and festive blends. All colors are offered in three granule sizes, sanding #2, medium fine and standard. Download Paulaur’s Colored Sugars (Crystal Prism) product sheet (PDF) or Download Paulaur’s Colored Sugars (Sanding) product sheet. (PDF)

Natural Colored Sugars are 100% pure cane sugar crystals colored with nature’s resources to produce an array of vibrant natural colors to meet today’s clean label ingredient trend. Download the Paulaur’s Natural Colored Sugars product sheet. (PDF)

Confectionery Shapes are hard, edible extruded confectionery pieces formed in an array of recognizable, popular figures. Shapes are available in a wide range of novel shapes and colors and are used to add a decorative touch to baked goods and ice cream. Download the Paulaur’s Confectionery Shapes product sheet. (PDF)

Candy-Coated Chocolate Chips are compound chocolate chips with a hard candy-coated outer shell. Candy-coated chips are available in a rainbow 8 mix and individual vibrant colors. Candy-coated chips are used as an inclusion and topping for baked goods and ice cream. Download the Paulaur’s Candy-Coated Chocolate Chips product sheet. (PDF)

Food Sweeteners

Paulaur offers a range of dry and liquid sweeteners principally derived from corn and sucrose which are used by food and beverage producers.

Anhydrous Dextrose is a high purity product with moisture below ½ percent. It is used in specialty food applications and is the best choice for water-sensitive systems such as chocolate.

Corn Syrup 42DE66 Baume is used extensively in many traditional applications such as ice cream, confections, canning and baking when body and low sweetness is required.

Corn Syrup 62DE 66 Baume is excellent syrup for baking, flavoring, and beverage applications.

High Fructose 42% Corn Syrup is used in the food and beverage industry. It has a clean, non-masking taste and clear, water-white color. It can be used to replace up to 100% of the sucrose in most food and beverage formulations.

High Fructose 55% Corn Syrup possesses sweetness comparable to sucrose or invert sugar. With principal sugars being fructose and dextrose, its high sweetness, clarity and ease of handling make it a desirable sweetener in carbonated and still drink beverages and processed foods.

Sucrose Syrup or liquid sugar is produced by dissolving granulated sugar in pure water. It is produced at minimum concentrations of 67% solids and 99.5% sucrose. The product can be used wherever a dissolved granulated sugar product is needed.