Paulaur offers custom manufacturing services for the food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, ranging from concept development and feasibility to product manufacturing and processing services. Our staff of food chemists and process engineers is experienced in working closely with product development professionals to develop an appropriate formulation and to design a workable manufacturing process to achieve a desired physical or chemical specification.

Specific manufacturing services include:

  • Drying—High capacity rotary dryer which removes moisture from your material from more than 30% to less than .5%. Paulaur can dry upwards of 40,000 pounds per day to meet your exact specifications.
  • Roller Compaction—Paulaur blends diverse ingredients and uses mechanical force to process them into densified sheets. The result can be sized to any mesh size and bulk density.
  • Packaging—Our flexible packaging capabilities range from cups, pouches, boxes, bags, drums, totes and liquid tank trucks.
  • Blending—Paulaur provides low shear blending, mixing and wet and dry pan blending.
  • Spray Drying—Paulaur has the ability to deliver a range of custom spray drying services.
  • Coating—Sugar coating, hot and cold pan coating are done on our premises under the supervision of our technical specialists. Paulaur can add colors and flavors to guarantee a uniform dispersion that will improve eye appeal, shelf life, and texture.
  • Sieving—Paulaur provides multi-stage screening for definite particle size distributions and decreasing of final product separation.
  • Milling—Our milling processes reliably decrease surface area to produce uniform particle distribution.
  • Re-Certification—Paulaur reconditions raw materials by applying cleaning and sieving techniques to precisely meet client requirements.