Paulaur Receives Recognition at the 2014 IFT for Standout Exhibit Ideas…

Paulaur Receives Recognition at the 2014 IFT for Standout Exhibit Ideas Selected by the E3 Exhibiting Effectiveness Evaluation Team


Paulaur Corporation Exhibit – IFT 2014


Paulaur Corporation launched a marketing plan to take their Paulaur Toppings brand on the road in 2014.  As a first time exhibitor at the IFT held in New Orleans, Louisiana, the company received recognition for their booth by the Exhibiting Effectiveness Evaluation Team.

The company was evaluated and recognized for an eye-catching booth with a colorful, back-lit graphic, displaying photos of dessert toppings and a clean, bright, playful display.  The evaluation team added the it was easy to know our company had to offer.

Out of over 1,100 exhibitors, only 34 companies were recognized for this award.  We are proud to be among this exclusive group.

“Our goal was to showcase the Paulaur Toppings product line in an effort to display our vibrant colors and array of dessert toppings.  We were very excited to be acknowledged as a first time exhibitor for our display and would like to thank the members of IFT for this special achievement”. – Jeanine Davis, Marketing & Account Manager, Paulaur Corporation 

“As a value-added exhibitor service, IFT provided first-time exhibiting companies with a complimentary E3 Exhibiting Effectiveness Evaluation. To help all exhibitors achieve more value for their exhibit program the E3 team spent time looking for booths that displayed new, imaginative, creative, and/or unusual ideas. Note: The ideas in this report are in no particular order and are not ranked good, better, best. These only represent a sampling of effective exhibiting practices at IFT Food Expo that at a glance stood out among the many exceptional exhibitors at the show”. – Source IFT

We are looking forward to another great show in 2015 where you’ll see more innovative products and even larger display.  See you in Chicago!