Paulaur Pharmaceutical Excipients

As a business, we are known to be “Innovative Ingredient Specialists.” And in keeping up with our slogan, we manufacture and distribute a full range of Paulaur Pharmaceutical Excipients. These are perfect for many pharmaceutical uses, be it tablet or capsule formulation.


Paulaur Corp. is a leading supplier of Pharmaceutical Excipients

Paulaur Corp. is a leading supplier of pharmaceutical excipients

Our Pharmaceutical Excipients

Currently, three Paulaur Pharmaceutical Excipients  are on the market. Megatab® Non-GMO and Megadex-Hydrated Dextrates, and Direct Compressible Fructose. Below are a few details about each excipient:

Paulaur Excipients #1 – Megatab® Non GMO

Megatab® Non GMO is a white, granular, free-flowing tableting agent consisting of sucrose and invert sugar. It is a direct compressible sugar. And because it’s sweet, it’s excellent for making chewable products such as vitamins. It has low hygroscopicity and is non-reactive with other tablet components. As the name suggests, it is manufactured using sources that are free from GMOs.

Paulaur Excipients #2 – Megadex Hydrated Dextrates

This Paulaur Pharmaceutical Excipient – Megadex Hydrated Dextrates, is a special mixture of saccharides derived from a controlled hydrolysis of starch. It has a clean cool taste and dissolves well in water. It’s versatility and durability makes it an excellent base for nutraceutical tablet formulation.

Paulaur Excipients #3 – Direct Compressible Fructose

This Paulaur Pharmaceutical Excipient – Direct Compressible Fructose is an excellent base for chewable tablets. It is manufactured with crystalline fructose and microcrystalline cellulose that meet all respective current USP/NF monographs. More information about each excipient is available on our website.

Paulaur, A Pharmaceutical Excipients Manufacturer

At Paulaur, we manufacture Pharmaceutical Excipients for a variety of uses in the pharmaceutical industry. This is why are known as the “Innovative Ingredient Specialists” who provide you with high quality, reliable pharmaceutical excipients for all your needs.

Paulaur is a leading pharmaceutical excipients manufacturer.

Paulaur is a leading pharmaceutical excipients manufacturer.

Location of our Excipients Manufacturing Facility

Our facility is located at 105 Melrich Rd.
Cranbury, NJ 08512. This is where all Paulaur Pharmaceutical Excipients are manufactured. Feel free to come and visit us.

Pharmaceutical Excipients Manufacturing Quality Control

Strict requirements must be met, by law, during the manufacturing of pharmaceutical excipients. All Paulaur Pharmaceutical Excipients Manufacturing comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and USP/NF standards. This is expected. Utmost care is invested in the manufacturing and handling of these pharmaceutical excipient products. This ensures the safety of your consumers and the success of your pharmaceutical products.

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